About Us

Originating in 1983, we represent the largest group of fully independent travel agencies in Australia, across our agency groups, Select Travel Group, Independent Travel Group, Independent Travel Advisors, Express Corporate and italktravel & cruise retail franchise network.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated Travel Company with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, and representation in Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. Spearheaded by an experienced and long-serving leadership team with a history of excellence in the travel industry.

We understand that not all businesses are the same, so we've ensured that our membership options are varied enough to suit your needs within this ever-changing industry.

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What We Do

We unite with travel agents by providing access to a customised partnership model to deliver a comprehensive range of tools and services all designed to empower growth and productivity. 

Available to all members is a suite of products providing various services, ranging from a large variety of air, land and cruise preferred partners, to technology through Express Tickets and Express Marketing Tools, Operations support and more.

We employ a culture of mutual respect, understanding and open communication through our innovative people management practices and strong commitment to teamwork and customer service.

Express Tickets

Express Tickets is a market-leading consolidator providing all your fares and ticketing requirements 24/7 at very competitive rates. 

The state-of-the-art platform offers a friendly point and click interface which enables you to confidently shop and book ticketing, complete reissues, refunds & revalidation functions online.

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Membership Groups

There are a variety of membership group options available to independent travel agencies Australia-wide; Select Travel Group, Independent Travel Group, Independent Travel Advisors and the italktravel & cruise retail franchise group.

The groups are unique in terms of their customer base, branding and culture. In common is that all receive access to excellent benefits and preferred product agreements that have been negotiated with preferred partners by the Express Travel Group. This includes access to the Express suite of products, use of the state-of-the-art Express Tickets system, 24-hour service, Express Marketing Tools, Express Rewards with competitive rebates and incentives, Boost product sessions, conferences and ongoing Express News updates.


Independent Travel Group

With a membership base exceeding 350 members, this is the most rapidly growing of our groups. Benefiting from the power of the group, members are experienced travel experts in their local community. They too benefit from our national distribution platform and from the ability to retain their own brand and identity while still being part of a Group.




Independent Travel Advisors

Independent Travel Advisors (ITA) are a membership group of mobile or home-based agents that are agile and locally focused. They are supported by a national network and have access to the latest ticketing technology, all with the flexibility of working from home.




Select Travel Group

With a membership base exceeding 360 agencies nationally, the Select Travel Group (STG) is one of the leading buying groups in Australia and the largest across the national Chinatown market. "We Speak Your Language" is the key identifier for this group, as this culturally diverse Group is made up of predominantly Asian travel agencies who converse and assist their customers in their mother tongue, whether it be Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean or another Asian language.



italktravel & cruise

italktravel & cruise is the retail franchise travel agency available to Independent Travel Group members.

Membership of this Group gives owners a fully branded italktravel & cruise option in an exclusive territory, marketing and website support. Of benefit to italktravel & cruise franchisees is their ability to be a branded store, but to do so without the associated costs or restrictions usually enforced on a franchisee.



Express Corporate

Part of Express Travel Group, Express Corporate offers members the ability to expand their operations through the utilisation of a corporate solution.