Company Structure

Express Ticketing

Express Ticketing consolidation, specialises in promoting and marketing airline products to the travel industry, at very competitive rates. 

This service-focused division, provides members with a customised partnership model which offers a comprehensive range of core and optional services, all designed to put the power in the hands of the agents and empower their growth in a highly competitive market.

In addition, through its state of the art ticketing and web-based fares distribution system – Express Fares and Express Ticket a range of benefits are provided to members. These include a 24 hour ticket turnaround and the provision of 24/7 self ticketing facilities.

Ticketing services are also offered to other travel agents throughout Australia on behalf of partner airlines. Express Fares enables non-IATA agents to drive their own tickets 24/7.

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Select Travel Group

The Select Travel Group (STG) provides members with access to preferred product agreements that have been negotiated with preferred partners by the Express Travel Group.

The STG was the first travel agency group formed by the Company and continues to be the foundation with the largest membership base. More than 360 Chinatown travel agencies as members - in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth benefit from membership to the group. 

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Independent Travel Group

Launched in July 2006, the Independent Travel Group (ITG) assists travel agencies to grow their business and increase their profits by utilising a single, focused and relevant marketing distribution system to achieve incentive targets and increase productivity.

There is considerable potential and empowerment in being an ITG member. This is enabled through the ability to choose some or all of the services and benefits that the ETG national buying group provides.

ITG currently has a membership base exceeeing 250 members nationally and is the fastest growing of ETG's agency groups.

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italktravel are independent retail travel agents who together form Australia’s newest and most exciting retail travel network.

The brand was created in response to a demand from members and other external agency groups, for a new branding option.

italktravel franchisees are offered the benefits of belonging to a group, but without the associated costs or the restrictions of a franchise. They benefit from substantial financial reward incentives, as well as exclusive territories, marketing and website support.

Owners have the freedom of choice to run the business their way, but with the security and high level support from being a member of the Independent Travel Group part of Australia’s largest group of independent travel experts.

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