Express Academy


Express Academy provides our members with a 'one-stop shop' of learning and development programs and initiatives suited to your needs whether you are a travel agency owner, manager or consultant.  

We understand that everyone has a different way of learning and varying requirements for upgrading their personal development, skills and knowledge.  For some it may be the achievement of a certification, for others a short update on fares, a specific airline or destination, computer skills or an update on how to manage staff.

We’re taking into account your time, your budget, your location, your preferred learning style, what you need to know and how best you can keep up-to-date, professional and successful in the competitive world of travel.

To make this accessible to you, we are partnering with leading training institutions to provide frontline training, travel certifications, management training, computer and skills training, as well as with our preferred airline, land and cruise partners to bring you, product training and more!


  • Opportunities for your to improve and update your skills through quick and easy access to training at special members rates saving you time having to look for programs
  • Access to airline, fares and ticketing training
  • Relevant links to product and destination manuals and webinars
  • Opportunities  to attend focused seminars for a knowledge boost
  • Training styles based on the best format required ranging from one-on-one training, webinars, seminars and formal classroom training
  • Regular newsletters, tips and handy hints
  • Cost-effective, customised, relevant and suited to your needs and budget

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