Streamline your payment system with Express Direct


Express Direct is an electronic payment solution which is capable of delivering greater efficiency to your business.

EFTPOS Merchant Solutions for your business

Provided by National Australia Bank (NAB) exclusively for Select, Independent & italktravel Group members.


  • Financial benefit – your merchant fees are reduced with special rates on service and terminal fees
  • Fees waived – no merchant establishment fee or minimum monthly service fees are payable
  • Flexibility – applicable to CounterTop and Mobile merchant devices
  • Support – available directly through NAB
  • Improves your bottom line and operational costs.


Call 1300 163 367 for more information.

This offer is made available directly through NAB for members of ITG and STG and is not a product of the Express Travel Group.

Payment Options

This gives you the ability to make payments using Direct Debit or via BPAY by internet or phone banking 24/7. 

Benefits of Direct Debit:


  • Allows you to streamline your payment processes using a secure Australian banking standard debit method
  • Improves your productivity; saves you time; you don't have to remember to pay!
  • Direct debit goes through on the same day each week
  • Express Ticketing will debit the value of your Agency Statement due, unless varied by agreement with your Agency
  • Enables deposits to be identified by Express Ticketing as being from your Agency, resulting in credits to accounts occurring instantly.


A simple form needs to be completed to get this payment method activated.  Please contact your local Business Development Manager who will be able to assist you.

Benefits of BPAY:


  • Allows you to streamline your payment processes through BPAY using a secure payment method
  • Improves your productivity and saves you time
  • Daily limit to transact is $1M and minimum limit is $50, unlike internet banking, which varies
  • Can be used with debit cards and cheque/savings accounts (not credit card)
  • Allows you to see rejected transactions immediately, as available funds must exist before a transaction can be confirmed
  • Provides more security than EFT, as when making payments you only have to choose a biller code and reference, and do not have to choose an account to pay to
  • Warns you immediately if it detects that the reference code entered is wrong
  • Shows who the Biller is before transactions are confirmed
  • Payments via EFT with errors will only reject overnight, delaying remedial action

Enables your deposit to be more readily identified by Express Travel Group, resulting in credits to your Agency accounts quickly.


BPAY logo/Biller code/Reference numbers are provided on all statements, debit notes and credit notes allowing you to make payments quicker and in a more efficiently.

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