Launched in July 2006, the Independent Travel Group (ITG) assists travel agencies by providing key tools and support to promote business growth and increase profits.  ITG has a range of adaptable tools, depending on the agency’s needs, to work in partnership to achieve incentive targets and increase productivity.

ITG currently has a membership base exceeding 380 members nationally and is the fastest growing of ETG's agency groups.


There is considerable potential and empowerment in being an ITG member. This is enabled through the ability to choose some or all of the services and benefits that the ETG national buying group provides.

ITG member’s retain their own branding and identity, are all experts in travel with many years’ experience in sending their valuable customers, who are usually based in their local communities, to fantastic journeys around the globe.

To benefit from being identified as a group, all stores have the choice of ITG brand identifiers available to them such as decals and stickers for their stores. Targeted campaigns are launched monthly offering an array of rewards based on performance. 

A highlight of membership every year is the annual ETG Conference. Our Conferences have been held all over the world and are well supported and attended by preferred partners. The event provides a perfect opportunity for learning, networking and socialising. A key factor of success is the level of engagement, dialogue and interaction enjoyed by the group.

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