“We Speak Your Language" is the key identifier for Select Travel Group


This culturally diverse group is made up of predominantly Asian travel agencies who converse and assist their customers in their mother tongue, whether it be Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean or another Asian language. 


The Select Travel Group (STG) provides members with access to negotiated preferred product from our preferred partners and exclusive fares. Also, multilingual flyers and products and tours. With a membership base exceeding 350 agencies nationally, the Select Travel Group is one of the leading buying groups in Australia and the largest across the national Chinatown market.

Agencies join the Select Travel Group to make use of Express Ticketing consolidation services and to benefit from using a single, focused and relevant marketing distribution system to achieve incentive targets and increase productivity. Members enjoy the benefits of being united as a group which include a range of B2B and B2C activities and initiatives.

All stores have the choice of being recognised as part of the Group with various brand identifiers available to them, such as decals and digital for their stores. Targeted campaigns are launched regularly offering an array of rewards based on performance.

Highlights of the year include Chinese New Year celebrations and the annual Express Travel Group Conference.

The Select Travel Group is promoted to consumers through a range of mediums:

  • Online at the STG consumer website
  • Sponsorship of mass audience concerts with top international artists, promoted by the Chinatown Cinema Corporation 
  • Consumer competitions, special offers, discount vouchers
  • National advertising in ethnic newspapers, such as SingTao, Asian Multimedia and Viet Times
  • In-store digital signage
  • Social media, such as Weibo and WeChat

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